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The Annual Best of Irvine Awards

Operating under the motto “We Make Doctors,” the physician-managed medical society AmeriClerkships is dedicated to helping international medical school students and recent graduates compete with their counterparts from the United States by building the necessary experience to secure a quality residency. Over the years, AmeriClerkships and its management team have received a number of honors, including a 2013 Best of Irvine Award in the Medical Groups category.

The Best of Irvine Awards are governed by the Irvine Award Program, an initiative with a guiding mission to recognize exceptional businesses in Irvine, California, and to celebrate the contributions that they make to the regional economy. The Irvine Award Program divides local companies into distinct categories, ranging from Medical Groups to E-Commerce Services. It then uses information that it gathers itself, as well as data from independent third parties, to analyze, critique, and evaluate each contender.

Emphasizing quality over quantity, the Irvine Award Program looks for companies that enhance the positive image of small businesses by providing outstanding service to both their customers and the community at large. In short, the Irvine Award Program chooses Best of Irvine Award winners that help make the Irvine area a “great place to live, work, and play.”


Ethics in the Practice of Medicine


AmeriClerkships Medical Society is an organization dedicated to assisting international medical graduates to find a residency match in the United States. AmeriClerkships Medical Society provides a specialized service and leverages its connections and resources to help its members stand out from others in the medical residency process.

One of the key characteristics that hospitals evaluate in the residency process is ethics. Ethics can be summarized as the study of what an individual should do. An unethical doctor has the potential to cause numerous problems for a program as well as future patients and employers; therefore, candidates’ ethics receive much scrutiny during the application process.

Residency programs examine the ethical backgrounds of applicants to ensure that the applicant has not demonstrated behavior that would compromise their professional judgment or competence in stressful situations. While it may be difficult for a residency program to assess an applicant’s morality, there are certain questions that are asked to provide a program with necessary insight into an applicant’s character. For instance, a residency application may include questions related to a person’s attitude on ethical issues or general questions designed to provide insight into an applicant’s personal attributes.

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