Questions Potential Residents Should Ask in the Residency Interview

AmeriClerkships helps international medical graduates (IMGs) compete for residency programs in the United States. Founded in 2007, AmeriClerkships is a member of the American Medical Association (AMA) IMG Section.

For medical students, applying for a residency program is a complicated process involving both presenting themselves in the best light and gathering information about the program to determine whether it is a good fit. The AMA IMG Section has published a series of questions to ask during residency interviews. The questions are designed to reveal details that help potential residents determine whether a specific program is appropriate for them.

The series of questions is grouped into specific areas. They include:

– Education. Does the program include orientation for new residents? Does the program have a formal didactic structure? Are there any informal learning possibilities such as bedside rounds? What unique resident programs exist? Is there a feedback mechanism for evaluating the program?

– Clinical duties. What is the residency schedule generally like? What is the volume of clinical responsibilities? What supervision structures are in place? What forms of ancillary support are present? Is there a balance between supervision and independence? Is there a balance between education and service?

– Program performance. Is the program accredited? What is the status of previous citations? How many residents successfully complete the program? How many graduates pass the specialty boards on the first sitting and where do they proceed afterward?


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