The Hurdles for International Medical Graduates

AmeriClerkships is a medical society focused on helping international medical students and graduates get placement in US residency programs. Through clinical experience and application guidance, AmeriClerkships makes sure international students stand out among the many other healthcare graduates.

According to the American Medical Association, international medical graduates or IMGs now make up approximately 25% of the physician pool in the United States. But getting there can be a difficult process. IMGs must first have their medical school transcripts verified and prove they speak fluent English. The physicians must also pass three medical licensing exams, obtain recommendation letters, and either become permanent US residents or get a work visa.

Each graduate also has to apply for a state license, which requires at least one year of residency at an accredited program in the US or Canada. The graduate must go through this program even if they’ve already completed a residency overseas.

This step is often the toughest, as there are not enough residency slots available. According to The Atlantic, even though there are many more medical students now compared to 20 years ago, there are roughly the same numbers of residency positions available in the US There are efforts to change that as the US is expected to face a doctor shortage within the next five years.


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