AmeriClerkships Medical Society specializes in providing international medical graduates with hands-on, clinical experience, helping them to secure interviews and ultimately matches with American residency programs, while at the same time assisting medical residency programs to select the best candidates. AmeriClerkships Medical Society offers its trainees the opportunity to work with physicians and patients at highly rated hospitals, outpatient clinics, and private practices across the United States, acclimatizing them to the American medical system.

Formed around the unique needs of international medical graduates, AmeriClerkships Medical Society focuses on practical training with an emphasis on the cultural aspects of providing care to multi-cultural patients in the U.S.  Through clinical experience, AmeriClerkships Medical Society gradually immerses its trainees into colloquial speech, regional dialects, physical appearance, and the body language differences that can prove challenging to foreign-trained doctors. AmeriClerkships Medical Society has assisted physicians from over 20 countries in securing medical residencies in a wide variety of specialties, and at institutions across the United States.

Additionally, AmeriClerkships Medical Society assists American residency programs to select the best possible international medical graduates. AmeriClerkships tests and evaluates its students on the same medical specialties required of American residency programs, ensuring competency in U.S. diagnostic and treatment protocols. Upon completion, alumni are provided with objective letters of reference, helping residency programs to select candidates that will fit their needs and excel as clinicians.

Providing pre-vetted and experienced applicants, AmeriClerkships helps residency programs to fill shortages in primary care or medical subspecialties and reduce costs associated with inexperienced residents that might otherwise drop out or be terminated. AmeriClerkships’ research shows that utilizing a holistic approach to residency entry, such as combining clinicals with consultation and application preparation will prove to be much more effective than no support at all.

Based in Irvine, California, AmeriClerkships Medical Society offers programs, products, and services for both international medical graduates and residency programs. More information is available at


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